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sleepystudent-1000x613LCSW training, case consultation, supervision, training and licensure preparation.

We will help you be prepared for the clinical problems and issues you will encounter. We will guide you in developing and enhancing your professional competency with fundamentals to intensive specialization.

Use Carol Cole, LCSW to:
Bridge your academic education with your field work.

Build your confidence with a broadened skill base.

Experience enjoyable, practical, hands-on training methods.

Communication can be done virtually by computer, phone or in person.

For further information, email carolcole@carolcolelcsw.com or phone 951-506-0560.


Select what is relevant:

  1. Increase your knowledge base
  2. Improve diagnostic assessment & the psychosocial interview
  3. Treatment Planning (time-limited framework)
  4. Therapeutic Relationship building skillls
  5. Recognition of “red flags”, and appropriate treatment
  6. Crisis Intervention (including 5150 training)
  7. Cross-Cultural sensitivity
  8. Specialized couples and family training
  9. Group techniques for specific client populations



Learn from our years of experience and knowledge, and avoid potentially devastating and costly therapeutic blunders.

Carol Cole, LCSW utilizes some of the most effective progressive techniques to reach the core issues, and problem-solve to symptom resolution and therapeutic closure.

Therapeutic trainer, Cole Cole, LCSW has over 20 years of expertise from both the private and public sectors, diverse client populations, University teaching positions, Field Supervision, community lectures and international exposure.