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Thank you for choosing the Carol Cole Center to address your most personal needs. It is our promise to honor and respect your journey and Carol_ColeHS_1209commit to guiding you toward your desired life style and frame of mind.
The Center Staff work in conjunction with other professional medical treatment providers to address the full range of issues required for optimal healing: Decreased prescription dependence, sobriety, effective coping strategies, restful sleep, mobility, increased productivity, improved relationships, stable mood.

Carol Cole, M.S.W. , L.C.S.W., MSWAC, SAP (Substance Abuse Professional, Dept. of Transportation), and Board Certified Diplomate, Certified Sports Counselor, Master Social Work Addictions Counselor, Continuing Education Provider and Certified Pranic Healer, offers over 20 years of clinical experience and training with diverse populations.

“Empowering the client to make their own treatment decisions, at their own pace, identifying strengths and resilience while exploring options on emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual levels is an essential part of the healing process.” Striving for balance and realizing dreams.

Ms. Cole is an established national lecturer, and was NASW’s 1997 “Social Worker of the Year” for reg. F. She received The Michael Lambert, Ph.D. 2003 and 2007 Award for Clinical Excellence from PacifiCare Behavioral Health.
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